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Marketing trends to succeed in 2013

Tap the powers of "big data" and a unified behavioral database

  • Develop a content marketing strategy for the full buying cycle
  • Weave social throughout the entire user experience
  • Deliver content that's easy to interact with across multiple devices


Data hygine allows customers to generate improved prospecting list by evaluating databases. List cleansing is process of removing duplicate and invalid email addresses to make effective marketing and retain customers.

While list cleaning tool and finest practices can recover email lists, flag invalid email addresses, and help data scrubbing and data de duplicating for clients and our appenders are capable to meet any challenges of cleaning email lists and managing your database.

Unlike a traditional email list cleaning, Just Validate’s verification staff takes a holistic approach on correction of email addresses – spellings, upper & lower case of alphabets and factors in email list and mailing list merge and purge. The benefit of this 'holistic approach on list cleansing' is that it increases accessibility of decision making information. This leads to find right contact list for improving business.

Just Validate has an ideal email filter tool for data hygine that scan syntax, domain, SMPT and DNS look up to purge bad address automatically. Still our process of data hygine ends with manual verification of data; clients will get human edited email list after scanning from email filter tool to assure authentic information.