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Unparallel benefits Only from Just Validate

Just Validate is focused on providing email list appending solutions to our clients. We are reputed company for industry-leading firms and offer complete validated email address at highly competitive pricing. However, we are not an “email list selling company” in the traditional sense, nor do we sell “client’s email lists". Our focus is on providing high-quality email database from your current database of postal address, with high match rates.

Our email append policy has always been to provide 100% Opt-in email address to our customers. This means appended email lists by us from your direct mail database are permission based emails and CAN-SPAM compliant.

Offered with an flawless process of email appending we mainly emphasis on matching client’s direct mail or postal mail address file and email against an email database of 53 million B2B – business million records and 97 million B2C – consumer million records appending that would enable you to communicate with your customers.

Just Validate has evolved into the premier provider of 60 to75% append rate of contacts list. Our expert staff can provide your company double-scrubbed email addresses. Our expertise in replacing outdated emails to your postal files and in performing verification through NCOA, DSF and CASS prior to processing is a bench mark of our service with an eye to get higher response rates.

The advantage of working with Just Validate is that we useEmail List Cleaning and Suppressions as Part of our Append process. Client must not consider email append service as a prospective tool; utilize to get email addresses for folks who already have some form of pre-existing relationship to your organization. Just Validate won’t work with any third-party or companies customer file to append emails.