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How Does email marketing work ?

Marketers report the following trends:

  • 44% of respondents agree that sending emails on Tuesday results in better open rates.
  • 53% have had the most success sending emails between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m
  • 53% say that Friday is the worst day for email open rates.
  • The most effective offer to include in an email is an invitation to a webinar.
  • White papers are the second-most effective when it comes to generating responses, followed by case studies.
  • Less-popular content includes freebies, discounted services, limited time offers, and personal, text-based emails.


Phone appending exclusively designed to grow revenue prospects

Ever tried to append the lost data from your contact database? Our appending consultants assist you in email append, mailing address append, phone append and fax append - a flawless conversion method to better align unstructured information requirements to your existing prospecting and communicating capabilities. Data appending can mean new opportunity to prospect.

Just Validate’s proven CRM technology and appending tools along with our proven data scan search tools give you to achieve your database enhancement goals for the marketing and better communication. Just Validate's data append service offerings will get you on the path to accomplishment.

Although primary principles of Appending process remain the same, there are major differences between how the matching assignments are carried out across seven different databases from email to fax. To handle the workload of client’s projects our proficient specialists has enough skills to work with various tools and appending platforms.

Just Validate is here and it's never been easier to search, scan, analyze, append and verify your information. We organize information and create opt in database through appending reverse appending, suppression data, DNC processing and Phone Type Indicator solution.

We classify the database by each category intended to append quickly with accuracy. The database is classified in 7 categories – Master data file, Regional data file, email data file, mail data file, phone data file, fax data file and SIC code data file. Scanning on categories that relevant to client’s requirements make us to append in quick time.